15 minutes past the hour Special Features Alternating between A Moment In Time with historial Dale Plummer, The People Project about people at work in our communities, Rotating Features
15 minutes till the top of every hour Updates From The Last Green Valley With Lead Ranger Marcy Dawley from The Last Green Valley INC. in Killingly, CT
10 minutes till the top of every hour News Headlines
Sundays at Noon and 8 PM Sunday Special From hot-button issues to music and comedy, this is the program where, “anything can happen and very often does”
Sundays, 10 minutes till the top of every hour Headlines From A Religious Perspective
25 till the top of every hour Marine Weather Memorial Day until Labor Day

Other Features

Jane Houston Jones from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratories looking at the night-time sky.
The Constitution Minute from Hillsdale College
Little Known Facts About U.S. Presidents from Rose Pizzeria in downtown Norwich
Rondo Pilsner - Everybody's Favorite Redneck most mornings
Weather Updated Around the Clock for eastern CT, south central MA and all of The Last Green Valley
Santa Claus Flight Watch Christmas Eve from 7 AM till midnight
“An eclectic mix of music for the ages”, 24 hours a day