TipsNet 10-03-18 S.E.T., HF, net controls.MP3
TipsNet 10-10-18 S.E.T., batteries, logging.MP3
TipsNet 10-17-18 dipoles.MP3
TipsNet 10-24-18 upcoming auction, recording aircraft frequencies.MP3
TipsNet 11-07-18 FT8, (short net).MP3
TipsNet 11-14-18 SDR's, FT8, Paradise CA.MP3
TipsNet 11-21-18 DMR radioes, 2 meter beams.MP3
TipsNet 11-28-18 Short wave, antennas and coax, upcoming events.MP3
TipsNet 12-05-18 RASON repeater, coaxial cable, announcements.MP3
TipsNet 12-12-18 slot cube antenna, hf attick antenna.MP3
TipsNet 12-19-18 2 meter in door antennas, antenna tv, Anderson power poles.MP3
TipsNet 12-26-18 Tim's Attic Antenna, announcements.MP3
TipsNet 6-20-18.MP3
TipsNet 6-27-18 13 Colon, Fieldday, Part15.MP3
TipsNet 7-25-18 attic antennas & mapping propigation.MP3
TipsNet 8-15-18 900meg, simplex repeaters, screwdriver antennas.MP3
TipsNet 8-22-18 Vhf attic antennas, 3d party agreements.MP3
TipsNet 8-29-18 - RRI, loosening connectors, upcoming events.MP3
TipsNet 8-8-18 long wire antennas & upcoming events.MP3
TipsNet 9-19-18 Vhf reflectors, nets, go kits.MP3
TipsNet 9-26-18 remote control of radios, upcoming events.MP3
TipsNet 9-5-18 RRI, dipoles, announcements.MP3