TipsNet 10-02-19 . Net topics, Vhf propigation.MP3
TipsNet 10-09-19 . CW tools and stories.MP3
TipsNet 10-16-19 . DC to Light, Summits on the Air.mp3
TipsNet 10-23-19 . EME, meteor scatter, arora affect, shorts.MP3
TipsNet 10-30-19 . wildfires, the numbers lady, net topics.MP3
TipsNet 11-06-19 . 1st Wednesday topics, using PL decode, ICOM ID5100.MP3
TipsNet 11-13-19 . Scanners in cars, repeaters.MP3
TipsNet 11-20-19 . Q signals and ham radio lingo.MP3
TipsNet 11-27-19 . W1HLO repeater, amps for Icoms, helmet antennas, fox hunting.MP3
TipsNet 1-16-19 tree antennas, interference.MP3
TipsNet 12-18-19 . QSB, 10 meters, hand held radios.MP3
TipsNet 1-2-19 CW keying, radio restrictions.MP3
TipsNet 1-23-19 An Acronyms, Part 15 Broadcasting.MP3
TipsNet 12-4-19 . Preparing for winter, batteries for the shack.MP3
TipsNet 1-30-19 magnetic loop antennas, antenna tuners.MP3
TipsNet 1-9-19 Phonetics, interference, interesting prizes.MP3
TipsNet 2-13-19 Grounding long-wires, Picking an hf frequency.MP3
TipsNet 2-20-19 Programming radio channels, New ARES plan.MP3
TipsNet 2-27-19 Logging and QSL'ing, Erecting wire antennas.MP3
TipsNet 2-6-19 Displaying your license, HF fox hunting.MP3
TipsNet 3-13-19 Fox hunting.MP3
TipsNet 3-20-19 Ballons, testing coax, G5RV configuration, CME.MP3
TipsNet 3-27-19 Fox hunting, FCC rules.MP3
TipsNet 3-6-19 ARES training, micraphones, antenna dreams.mp3
TipsNet 4-10-19 J-poles, antenna parties, ISS transmissions.MP3
TipsNet 4-17-19 ARRL announcements, silent keys and H&w.MP3
TipsNet 4-24-19 Fictitious hams, coax lengths, field day.MP3
TipsNet 4-3-19 Hurricanes, YL's, CT bill HB5459, FCC RM11892.MP3
TipsNet 5-1-19 Auction, grounding, scanners, events.MP3
TipsNet 5-15-19 wx propigation, Dayton, long wire counterpoise.MP3
TipsNet 5-15-22 First Anniversary.mp3
TipsNet 5-29-19 Weather, go kits.MP3
TipsNet 5-8-19 CME's, metric, analog meters.MP3
TipsNet 6-12-19 Islands & lighthouses on the air.MP3
TipsNet 6-19-19 Field Day, Field Day, Field Day.MP3
TipsNet 6-26-19 . Field Day hazards, true-or-false, summer fox hunting.MP3
TipsNet 6-5-19 Icom transceivers, verticals, CW keyers.mp3
TipsNet 7-10-19 Hf fox hunting, calling QR'zed, Parks on the Air.MP3
TipsNet 7-17-19 . Loaded dipoles, antenna cooking, band allocations, trip to Sandy Point.MP3
TipsNet 7-24-19 . Other hobbies, QRP, parks on the air.MP3
TipsNet 7-31-19 . Microphones, audio and signal reports.MP3
TipsNet 7-3-19 . Propigation, fox hunting, 13 colonies event.MP3
TipsNet 8-14-19 . Fox hunts, on air etiquette, antennas.MP3
TipsNet 8-28-19 . VHF propigation, kits & home brew.MP3
TipsNet 8-7-19 . Club histories, picnics, elmering.MP3
TipsNet 9-11-19 . Most difficult ham projects, Erecting a tower, Visiting W1AW.MP3
TipsNet 9-19-19 . Upcoming auction, phase locked loops, becoming an NCS.mp3
TipsNet 9-25-19 . Scanners, part 15 broadcasting, dxing AM-FM, traffic nets.MP3
TipsNet 9-4-19 . Tower wenching, Baofeng software, H.P.M. celebration.MP3